©Christian Kain

Louis-Philippe Rondeau (CA)

Curatorial Context

Embrace the fusion of decades-old technology and new perspectives in LIMINAL – an interactive installation that invites you to enter a live synergy of digital and physical worlds. Move your body and become a visual metaphor of time, accompanied by the soundtrack sculpted by your movements. Stepping through a portal is a ritual: now explore the ephemeral boundary between the present and the past!

Artwork Statement

LIMINAL is an interactive installation that embodies the inexorable passage of time. It seeks to manifest the distinction between the present and the past. An arch of light appears in the darkness: a portal. Cross the threshold, and your image is projected onto the adjacent wall, thanks to the use of a slit-scan technique also seen in cinema.

In this visual metaphor – the present merges with the past – you see your image ebb and flow seamlessly amid the oblivion of white light. The work emphasises that all light is the manifestation of events that have already occurred – the twinkle we see in the night sky is but a bygone snapshot of a star. The sound from the setup is spatialised as the tone alters with your every movement and is sculpted by your gestures, encouraging you to vary your performance with every passing moment. Light transcribes improvised choreographies into images as your body is transformed by singular sensory experiences in time.

Artist Bio

In his works, Louis-Philippe Rondeau (CA) develops devices that explore self-representation and performance in a playful and unconventional manner. His research-creation approach renders a simplicity of design for users that conceals the complexity of computer code.