Entry into force of the revised text of the European Patent Convention

On 13 December 2007, the European Patent Convention as amended by the Revision Act of 29 November 2000 entered into force under Article 8(1) of the Act, whereupon the text valid until that time ceased to apply (Article 8(2) of the Act).

By the date of entry into force, all the then 32 contracting states to the European Patent Convention had deposited with the government of the Federal Republic of Germany their instruments of ratification or accession to the Revision Act of 29 November 2000.

The revised text also applies in Norway and Croatia, which joined the European Patent Organisation on 1 January 2008.

Future member states of the European Patent Organisation may only accede to the revised Convention.

Ratifications of and accessions to the Act revising the EPC of 29.11.2000 

EPC Contracting State

Instrument of

Deposited on

Austria ratification 6.6.2006
Belgium ratification 18.5.2007
Bulgaria accession 30.4.2002
Croatia (as of 1.1.2008)  accession 31.10.2007
Cyprus accession 25.10.2007
Czech Republic accession 30.4.2002
Denmark ratification 20.11.2006 
Estonia accession 30.4.2002
Finland accession 23.12.2005
France ratification  5.12.2007
Germany ratification 31.10.2007
Greece ratification 13.12.2005
Hungary accession 28.10.2002
Iceland accession 31.8.2004
Ireland ratification 16.7.2007 
Italy ratification  6.12.2007
Latvia accession 5.4.2005
Lithuania accession 3.9.2004
Liechtenstein ratification 23.11.2006 
Luxemburg ratification 18.9.2007
Malta  accession 1.12.2006
Monaco ratification 12.11.2003
Netherlands ratification 4.10.2006 
Norway (as of 1.1.2008) accession  5.10.2007 
Poland accession 30.12.2003
Portugal ratification  12.12.2007
Romania accession 12.12.2002
Slovak Republic accession 17.4.2002
Slovenia accession 18.9.2002
Spain ratification 12.8.2003
Sweden ratification 21.9.2007
Switzerland ratification 12.6.2006
Turkey ratification 12.11.2007
United Kingdom ratification 26.5.2005