MyEPO Porfolio Release notes

29 September 2023 

Various improvements to MyEPO Portfolio (1.6.0)

  • Mailbox B2B API – markAsHandled parameter has been removed from the download endpoint 

  • Mailbox B2B API – the sandbox environment includes pagination and sorting. 

  • Minor improvements and bug corrections.  

15 September 2023

Various improvements to MyEPO Portfolio (1.5.0)

  • The mailbox has been redesigned to show the communications in table form. Mailbox users can now sort and filter communications within the communications folders in the mailbox.
  • The process of requesting a new recipient has been improved, to differentiate between types of recipients, such as applicant, representative, or Rule 152 Association.
  • Download of portfolio data in CSV file from the portfolio now includes the procedure field for each application.
  • Minor improvements and bug corrections.
1 July 2023

End of MyEPO Portfolio pilot phase 2

New procedural actions

New types of procedural actions can be submitted in MyEPO Portfolio:

  • Reply to the extended European search report - Rule 70a EPC
  • Reply to an invitation about subject-matter for search (CLAR) - Rule 62a, Rule 63 EPC

Opposition cases are visible in the portfolio
In MyEPO Portfolio, representatives can already see opposition cases for which they are appointed to represent the applicant.
Now, representatives can also see the applications for which they are appointed to represent the opponent.
Other users that have been granted permission to view the representative’s or association’s portfolio can also see these applications and documents.

Shared area

Personal consultation during the patent examination can sometimes help to advance the process. It is already possible for applicants and first members to arrange a consultation, normally by videoconference, to discuss a case informally.

The shared area feature now facilitates this consultation by providing a common place to collaboratively work on documents with the first member of the examining division.

Improved communication during the PCT international phase (PCT Link)

International agents and non-European applicants can now activate a PCT Link to the EPO Mailbox, which allows them to receive electronic PCT communications from the EPO acting as (S)ISE or IPEA in the international phase.

Integration with IP management systems

A first business-to-business interface (APIs – application programming interfaces) is available that makes it possible to download communications (documents and metadata) from your EPO Mailbox to your IP management and docketing systems without the need for human intervention.

Modern alternatives to the physical smart card for accessing MyEPO services

You can sign in to MyEPO Portfolio, Online Filing 2.0 and Central Fee Payment via your EPO account using two-step verification.

You can also sign in via your EPO account using an EPO smart card, but support for this option will stop at the end of 2024.

20 June 2023

MyEPO Portfolio 1.1.0

  • You can now change the interface language to one of the EPO's official languages: English, French or German
  • The format of the EP and PCT application numbers has been harmonised for the entire MyEPO portfolio.
    The format of the EP application number is EP00000000.0 and the one of the PCT application number is PCT/LL0000/000000.
  • Minor technical corrections and fixes
  • Minor improvements
13 March 2023

New procedural features in MyEPO Portfolio

Paralegal and IP support staff who have been granted portfolio access rights in MyEPO Portfolio can now also send submissions, duly signed by the representative.

1 January 2023

Unitary Patent features in MyEPO Portfolio

Representatives can now file a request to delay issuing the decision to grant a European patent in response to a communication under Rule 71(3) EPC by selecting the appropriate checkbox when submitting a Reply to communication about intention to grant a European patent.

13 December 2022

New procedural act available in MyEPO Portfolio

  • A new "recently read" folder in the EPO Mailbox screen​
  • An option to download EPO Mailbox data in .csv format​
  • View the history of actions​
  • View a user information panel​
  • Other minor improvements
5 October 2022

New procedural act available in MyEPO Portfolio

  • Reply to communication in examination under Article 94(3) EPC can now be filed.

Enhanced user interface

We've made some improvements to the user interface.

15 July 2022

New Admin functionality

Administrators can

  • grant or remove access to the Mailbox, fee payment rights and/or administration rights to other company members
  • add/remove recipients of electronic communications
  • turn on / turn off the company Mailbox for the receipt of electronic communications

Enhanced Email alerts functionality

You can now change the email address to which your email alerts are sent.

Enhanced user interface

We've made some improvements to the user interface.

8 July 2022

A problem concerning missing tasks in the task list has been fixed.