Cutting-edge tools

In addition to providing access to the prior art and organising the documents in an optimal way, we develop customised examiner tools which harness the latest developments in technology. These powerful tools are designed in-house. ANSERA is our highly sophisticated search tool which facilitates rapid search and analysis of huge numbers of documents, based on concept-based search strategies indicated by the examiner. We also have tools to assist with examination work, such as the added-matter check tool which flags potential added subject-matter to examiners.

Since the pandemic, our processes have been transformed from a paper-based workflow to a fully digital workflow and this has been made possible by rapid development of new tools. Our quality management system has also been improved by embedding it in our digital workflow.

The EPO's fully digital workflow is enabled by new innovative tools such as EPO Translate, ANSERA, Digital File Allocation and Patent Workbench

For more information, please see the Quality Report 2022.