Enabling quality

Enabling our staff to provide the highest standards of quality.

EPO resources that enable quality 

A man points at a computer screen

World’s largest prior art collection

Enabling complete and thorough searches.

Classification codes and descriptions on a screen

World-standard classification system

Making sure that the most relevant prior art is found.

An examiner works in front of 2 computer screens

Cutting-edge tools

Developed in-house to meet the needs of our staff.

Three examiners stand and look at a laptop

Processes ensuring quality

Taking action for continuous improvement.


Our commitment to quality is based on the solid legal framework of the EPC – and the expertise of staff. 

High quality products & services

We strive to provide the legal certainty our users need by delivering search, examination and opposition products of high substantive quality in a consistent manner. 

Quality through networking

Quality is a joint responsibility between the EPO and its users. By telling us where improvements can be made, the EPO can, and does, act to ensure even higher quality products.