Search services

Every second year the EPO carries out user satisfaction surveys on its search, examination and opposition services, including formalities, as well as on its customer services.

We run these surveys so that we can

  • measure user satisfaction with our search, examination and opposition services
  • obtain input to enable us to review the quality and efficiency of our internal processes in these areas

The surveys are carried out on behalf of the EPO by a contractor. For the period 2018-2023, the contractor is BERENT Deutschland GmbH.


This survey takes the form of telephone interviews of about 20 minutes in duration on search services.

The EPO identifies applications for which a search report and written opinion have recently been issued and creates a list of potential survey respondents which it forwards to the survey company.

Respondents are asked about their experiences of dealing with the EPO in the previous 12 months, both in general terms and in relation to a specific application belonging to the technical area being surveyed.

Once the survey has been completed the contractor reports the results to the EPO.

Data is grouped and analysed on a purely statistical basis. Aggregated results are reported to senior EPO management and to the directors of the technical areas concerned.


Each technical area is surveyed once every two years. User satisfaction is, however, continuously monitored.


For more information, or if you do not wish to participate in this survey, please write to, if applicable indicating the survey and the period of time for non-participation (maximum of 5 years, until the EPO deletes your personal data).

Further information: 

Data protection statement on the processing of personal data within the framework of the user satisfaction surveys on search services, on examination services, final actions and publication as well as on opposition services