e-Signing contracts

About DocuSign

DocuSign allows you to sign documents securely and electronically. DocuSign electronic signatures are valid and legally binding around the world.

Questions about the Document?

If you wish to modify the document or have questions about any details, email the document sender.

Visit DocuSign eSignature: How To Sign a Document for help.

About Qualified Electronic Signature

Qualified electronic signatures (QES) fulfil the legal requirements for electronic data signatures in the same way as handwritten paper signatures do.

For a physical person to add a QES to a document, the identity of that person must first be verified.

ID Check Remote for QES is a DocuSign service that enables individuals to add a QES to one or more electronic documents. Anyone using this service for the first time is required to go through IDnow's video identification process. This process takes around five minutes and must be repeated every two years.

After the initial identification, the signer creates a password for their "eSign Wallet". For later identifications they will then enter their password to confirm their identity.

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DocuSign Identify (powered by IDnow or AriadNext) - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ IDnow eSign

IDnow DocuSign (video)

Good to know

  • Forms of ID supported by IDNow. German resident permits and (recent) Indian passports are also supported.
  • Languages supported for the video identification process: English, German and French. By default, your browser language is selected.
  • Video identification service hours:
    • English/German: between 8.00 and 24.00 hrs CET, seven days a week
    • French: between 8.00 and 21.00 hrs CET, Monday to Saturday
    • QES wallet identification is available 24x7
  • You will have to go through a new video identification process if you forget your password or change your email address or phone number.
  • An offline review is carried out after the video identification process. This might cause a delay to receiving the signed document. The signer will be notified by email when the document is available.
  • It might be that your network or browser does not support the video stream. In such cases, it is recommended to use the mobile app with minimum 4G connection.
  • Identifications are supported only in Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Strict rules apply during the identification call. You are required to be alone - if the agent sees somebody else, they are instructed to end the call. You should also come prepared with your ID and mobile device.