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Online Filing 2.0 service is the tool of choice for filing with us.

You can use our web-based services to file EP, Euro-PCT and PCT applications and requests for unitary effect; and submissions in opposition, appeal, limitation and revocation proceedings before the EPO. 

Accessible from most browsers, Online Filing 2.0 stores your data and documents on a secure network hosted by the EPO.​


Applicants, proprietors, opponents, interveners, third parties and their representatives can now file EP 3002E (Notice of appeal) in Online Filing 2.0.

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Getting access

First read our Get access page and then complete this registration form.

You can access Online Filing 2.0 using either two-factor authentication or an EPO smart card.

Decision of the President of the European Patent Office dated 3 March 2021 concerning the electronic filing of documents

Getting started

Online Filing 2.0 tutorials

These short videos show you what Online Filing 2.0 has to offer, introduce you to using the forms and provide some practical tips.

  • Online Filing 2.0 works in the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome, version 61.0 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 56.0 or later
  • Microsoft Edge, version 84 or later

See also User guides and technical documentation section.

Features and benefits

Online Filing 2.0 is now available for filing:

  • Request for grant - EP1001 (including application documents as PDF, DOCX, sequence listings according to WIPO Standard ST.25 and other files in PDF)
  • Request for entry into the European phase - EP1200 with attachments (PDF)
  • PCT request - PCT/RO/101 with attachments (PDF, XML, including conversions from DOCX)
  • Request for unitary effect – UP 7000
  • Subsequent documents under the EPC up to grant, including amendments, corrections and rectifications (attached to EP 1038)
  • Documents in opposition, limitation and revocation proceedings under the EPC (attached to EP 1038
  • European patent with unitary effect – Letter accompanying subsequently filed items – UP 7038
  • The demand for international preliminary examination in the international phase (PCT Demand PCT/IPEA/401)
  • Subsequently filed documents under the PCT, including amendments, corrections and rectifications of documents (PCT-SFD)
  • Notice of appeal - EP3002E
  • Letter accompanying subsequently filed items in appeal proceedings - EP 1038 Appeal


Online filing 2.0 is a web-based application that you can access from most browsers.

Because the application is web-based, there is no software to install - and consequently no software updates. Data and documents are stored on a secure network hosted by EPO.


Access rights management

An authorised person within your organisation must be appointed to manage access rights for all the members of the organisation, i.e.

  • limit the procedures accessible to individual users
  • limit the tasks accessible to individual users
  • limit rights to administer the address book
  • assign user administration rights
  • revoke individual access rights with immediate effect
  • it is possible to assign rights for more than one user at a time

Multi-user feature

This feature allows you to share access to all applications/subsequently filed documents so that different people in the organisation can perform different actions on them (draft, pay fees, sign, submit). At the same time, the system prevents simultaneous updating of an application/‌document.

Your individual access rights determine which applications/documents you can view and which tasks you can perform.

Portfolio management

Portfolio management (in the Submission tab) allows you to manage applications within your organisation. You can now assign applications to folders and remove draft applications.


You can create templates for all form types, either from an existing application or from scratch. Templates are available to all members of an organisation provided they have been granted access rights for the relevant procedure.


You can import all types of applications in XML, e.g. from patent management systems, provided that the format is compliant (EPO Online Filing specification).

You can also import/export an address book (in .csv format) if you have appropriate access rights.

Address book

In addition to being able to import an address book (e.g. from the EPO Online Filing client), the address book is shared throughout the organisation. In order to maintain the integrity of address data, editing is restricted based on access rights. You can now also organise the address book using folders.

Fee payments

As you are working online, the fee amounts displayed will always be correct. You can also pay any fee using the Form EP1038 option.

Evidence filed via EP1038

For opposition procedure, you can now attach more than one set of evidence.


You can check out the FAQ section on Online Filing 2.0 here

User guides and technical documentation​

Online Filing 2.0 user guide

DOCX filing at the EPO: A guide for pilot participants

Legacy filing services

Our legacy Online Filing software and Webform Filing service are still available for download and installation. But we encourage users to use Online Filing 2.0 instead.

What if our online filing services are down?

We also provide the EPO Contingency Upload Service to use as a fallback in case our main online filing services are not available.

Further information

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