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The expandable sections on this page contain Excel sheets with all the data found in the annual Patent Index. Much of this data is also provided in our statistics and trends centre, a dynamic data visualisation tool. This page also provides data from other patent offices as well as statistics from the five largest IP offices (“IP5”), and EPO performance data including statistics on oppositions (CA/F 5).

European patent applications filed with the EPO
Granted patents
Data Format File size
Patent Index 2023 - Granted patents XLS 55 KB
Granted patents 2014-2023 per country of residence of the applicant XLS 29 KB
Granted patents 2014-2023 per field of technology XLS 23 KB
Granted patents per field of technology and per country of residence for each individual year 2014-2023 XLS 122 KB
Top applicants and patentees
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Patent Index 2023 - Top applicants XLS 33 KB
Top 100 applicants 2023 XLS 21 KB
Top 25 applicants per leading field of technology in 2023 XLS 29 KB
Top 50 Patentees & Unitary Patent uptake 2023 XLS 29 KB

Please note that the consolidation process used may lead to some discrepancies with the lists in previous years.

Top 10 countries
Data Format File size
Applications 2023 XLS 19 KB
Granted patents 2023 XLS 19 KB
Top technical fields 2023 XLS 24 KB
Key data for selected countries

The files below provide an overview of key data on selected countries.

Data Format File size
Austria 2023 XLS 35 KB
Belgium 2023 XLS 36 KB
Denmark 2023 XLS 35 KB
Finland 2023 XLS 35 KB
France 2023 XLS 37 KB
Germany 2023 XLS 37 KB
Ireland 2023 XLS 34 KB
Italy 2023 XLS 36 KB
Japan 2023 XLS 39 KB
Netherlands 2023 XLS 36 KB
Norway 2023 XLS 35 KB
People's Republic of China 2023 XLS 39 KB
Poland 2023 XLS 36 KB
Portugal 2023 XLS 35 KB
Republic of Korea 2023 XLS 32 KB
Spain 2023 XLS 36 KB
Sweden 2023 XLS 35 KB
Switzerland 2023 XLS 38 KB
United Kingdom 2023 XLS 36 KB
United States 2023 XLS 41 KB
Statistics on the activity at member state offices
Data Format File size
National applications in EPC member state offices 2022 XLS 22 KB
Granted patents by offices of the EPC member states 2022 XLS 21 KB
Validations of granted European patents in EPC member states 2022 XLS 20 KB
IP5 statistics

The IP5 is the forum of the five largest intellectual property offices in the world (CNIPO, EPO, JPO, KIPO, USPTO). In 2022, 2.9 million patent applications were filed at the IP5 Offices and together they granted 1.5 million patents (up from 2.8 million and 1.3 million respectively in 2020).

IP5 Statistics Report 2022
IP5 Statistics Report 2021
IP5 Statistics Report 2020

Statistics reported to the Administrative Council (CA/F 5)

Document CA/F 5 is published annually for the Administrative Council around mid-November. It summarises the statistics of the previous calendar year with respect to applications, grants, national validations and maintenance of European patents, as well as statistics on opposition procedures. Statistics for appeals can be found in the Annual Reports of the Boards of Appeal.

Data Format File size
Statistics 2022 PDF 3.2 MB
Statistics 2021 PDF 1.1 MB
Statistics 2020 PDF 6.3 MB
Statistics 2019 PDF 5 MB
Statistics 2018 PDF 1.1 MB
Statistics 2017 PDF 1.6 MB
Statistics 2016 PDF 1.8 MB