Patent Translate

The EPO and Google have worked together to bring you a machine translation service specifically for use with patent documents.

Patent Translate is a machine translation service for patent documents in 32 languages. It provides translations from and into English, French and German.

With Patent Translate you can:

  • understand patent documents from all over the world
  • translate patent documents at the click of a button
Getting started

Optimised Patent Translate with Neural Machine Translation


Patent Translate is available free of charge for users of Espacenet, the European Publication Server and Global Patent Index.

Further information

How to use Patent Translate in Espacenet

  1. Find a patent document in Espacenet.
  2. Choose the part you want to translate - abstract, description or claims.
  3. Select the target language, and click the Patent Translate button.
  4. Once you see the translation, you can mouse-over to see the original text sentence by sentence.
  5. Submit your feedback.

How to use Patent Translate in the European publication server

  1. Enter a value such as "Publication number", and click the "Search" button.
  2. In the result list, select the document you want to view by clicking the "XML" link.
  3. Select the target language, and click the "Patent Translate" button.
  4. Note that the original text is visible when hovering over paragraphs. You can also view the original document by clicking the "Original" link to the right hand side of the "patent translate" button. Translated text is shown in grey, non-translated text (e.g. an application citation) in black.

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