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Practical information on filing and grant procedures, including regulation changes, forms, fees and online services.

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European route
European route

European patents are granted for some or all of the contracting states to the European Patent Convention. They can also be extended to the extension and validation states.

International route
International route (PCT)

Applicants seeking worldwide patent protection may use the services of the EPO under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). PCT applications may be filed, searched and examined at the EPO.

National route
National route

If you intend to apply for a patent in just a few European countries, it may be better to choose the national route and file your application at the IP offices in the countries for which you are seeking protection.

Online services
MyEPO services

Thanks to our online services, applicants, attorneys and other users can conduct their EPO business electronically in a secure state-of-the-art environment.

Find a professional representative

To help you find someone to represent you more easily, the EPO maintains a searchable database for professional representatives.


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Filing options

An overview of options for filing patent applications with the EPO

Filing options

Unitary Patent

New simpler system saves time and costs.