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Updated weekly, the European Publication Server gives you free online access to all the European patent documents published by the EPO.

The European Publication Server is the legally authoritative source of patent applications and patent specifications published by the EPO.

With the European Publication Server you can:

  • see all publications of European patent applications (A documents) and specifications of granted European patents (B documents) from 1978 to the present
  • translate documents at the click of a button
  • download individual documents in character-coded PDF/A format
  • access Espacenet or the European Patent Register to find complementary data such as family and procedural data
Getting started

If you are using the European Publication Server for the first time, please see our help pages. There you can find information about European patent documents, search syntax, updates and the data formats available.


The European Publication Server is a free online service. It is updated weekly. The publication of European patent documents takes place every Wednesday at 14.00 hrs CET.

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Further information
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