Beware of approaches and requests for payment from firms purporting to publish and/or register European or international patent applications and European patents

Numerous European patent applicants and proprietors have informed the European Patent Office (EPO) that firms and individuals have sent them invoices inviting them to pay for the publication and/or registration of their applications and patents. Similar reports have been received from applicants who have filed international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT applications).

These firms and individuals use names, abbreviations and/or logos designed to make it appear that the invoice has been issued by an official source. In some cases, they use ones bearing a confusing similarity to those of the EPO or WIPO in an attempt to give the impression that they are acting on those organisations' behalf.

Examples of invoices received in relation to European patent applications and patents can be found below.

Information on and examples of invoices received in relation to PCT applications can be found on the WIPO website.

Despite the misleading official look of such invoices, the services offered by these firms are unrelated to the processing of European patent applications and PCT applications by the EPO and WIPO. There is therefore no obligation to pay any invoice issued by these firms for the processing of your patent application by the EPO and WIPO. Moreover, any payment made to these firms will have no legal effect whatsoever in proceedings under the EPC and the PCT.

As regards the publication of European and PCT applications and European patents, please note the following:

Only the EPO can publish and register European patent applications and patents with legal effect, and it does so automatically.

Similarly, the International Bureau of WIPO alone is responsible for the international publication of PCT applications. The international filing fee to be paid to the receiving Office within one month of filing the PCT application covers the cost of such publication, and no separate fee is payable (Rule 15 PCT).

The EPO advises you to read carefully the content of any invitation to make payments in relation to your patent applications and patents. In particular, it strongly recommends that you check the payment subject and the bank account number appearing in the invoice. You can find the details of the only EPO bank account to which payments can validly be made and a complete list of fees and expenses payable to the EPO, together with their current rates, in supplementary publication 2, OJ EPO 2018, "Schedule of fees and expenses of the EPO" (for PCT-related fees, see p. 20).

WIPO WARNING: Requests for Payment of Fees

Schedule of fees and expenses of the EPO

See also: Forms & fees

If in doubt as to the legitimacy of any invitation or invoice received, please contact your legal representative, the EPO in Munich (+49 89 2399-5317 or ) or WIPO (+41 22 338 83 38 or ).

Examples of invoices:

ЕРТР - European Patent &Trademark Protection

Trademark Renewal Service

Patent & Trademark Bureau

EIPS - European Intellectual Property Services

EPTA - European Patent and Trademark Agency

Urząd Patentowy RP

GOIP - Intellectual Property

IPRO - Intellectual Property Registration Office 

IPIO - Organization Intellectual Property

WPTD - World Patent & Trademark Database

IRO - International Registration Office

OIP - Organisation Intellectual Property

EUIP - Intellectual Property Organisation Service

European Intellectual Property Agency

World Patent & Trademark Agency

Glotrade S.R.O d.o.o.

WIPI - World Intellectual Property Institute Kft.

Intelectual Property Services

Hammond Glades






IPTA International Patent & Trademark Agency

GLOPAT - Global Patents & Trademarks

IP Direct - International Patent Trademark Directory

TPR - Trademark Publication Register

International Patent Office Application

IPWTO - Intellectual Property World Trade Organization

EPR - European Patent and Trademark Registration

GTPS - Global Trademark and Patent Service

TPP - Marken und Patent- veröffentlichungen


IP save

TPP – European Trademark & Patent Publications

TPP – Trademark and Patent Publications

IPTO – International Patent & Trademark Organization

European Patent Service Register

ETP - European Trademark Publication

R & W Stretch Ceilings Ltd.

European Patent Organization

European Patent Portal

F.O.I.P. Register of the Granted European Patents

WPTI World Patent and Trademark Index

E.C.R-Euro Central Reg.

RCE-Registre Central Européen

IPTS Service-International Patent and Trademark Service

PMS Patent und Markenservice AG

Euro IP Register

IBIP – International Bureau for Intellectual Property

EPTR European Patent and Trademark Register

International Trademark and Patent Registration

European Register of Brands and Patents

UPTS Registration of the European Patent

Patent Trademark Register

TPs trademark and Patent Service

Novislink Limited

WDTP Worldwide Database of Trademarks and Patents 

IP DATA Register of European Patents

IPTR International Patent and Trademark Register

EOOD Patent und Markendienst

F.O.I.P – Register of the European Patent Application

IPTG International Patent and Trademark Guide

WIPP-World Intellectual Property Publisher 

RPT Servis - world wide patent service

Registration of international patents

International Patent Portal – IPP

WIPO – World Intelligent Property Office

IPTO – International Patent & Trademark Office

WPTS – World Patent & Trademark Service

IPT Register


OPT - Organization for Patents and Trademarks

WOIP - World Organization Intellectual Property

WPTO – World Patent & Trademark Organization

EP – Euro EP Register

IPTI – International Patent & Trademark Index

TPR - Trademark Publication Register

IPO - Intellectual Property Office  

TPP – European Trademark & Patent Publications 

Trademarks Worldwide Ltd

IPR Europe

EUIPA - European Intellectual Property Agency

EUOIP - European Office Intellectual Property

IT Schutz

Intellectual Property World Union

IPOI - Intellectual Property Office of Ireland

EU - Brand Protection