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The Observatory’s digital library will soon provide a gateway to a growing wealth of critical analysis on technology and innovation. This digital library will provide easy access to all EPO published studies – some jointly with expert partners – on technologies, economics, patent data and IP law, as well as other publications published by our expert and stakeholder networks. Think-tanks, universities, research centres, (inter-)governmental bodies and NGOs are constantly scrutinising how our IP system is used, as well as investigating trends in technological and economic development. Their valuable work helps generate insights and data on the forces and actors in our innovation ecosystem, from a variety of perspectives. In the coming months, the Observatory will conduct a survey of the many reports, studies and data produced by such third parties which are pertinent to our own activities and topics. Our resulting online inventory of the latest thinking, research and knowledge will make these valuable resources more accessible, whether for policy-making, academic investigations or news reporting.

Long before the Observatory started work (October 2023), the EPO had already produced a variety of studies and reports on technology trends and the impacts of patents. These are part of the digital library and include:

Studies from the EPO Chief Economist

These studies critically evaluate trends in technologies and the evolution of industry sectors through the lens of patent data, combined with economic data. They are often produced jointly with reputable partners like the EUIPO, the European Investment Bank or the International Energy Agency.

EPO Chief Economist’s studies

Patent insight reports

These patent landscaping reports focus on niche but high-growth emerging technologies, like quantum computing, selected clean energy technologies or satellite innovation.

Patent insight reports

Academic Research Programme (ARP) reports

Over the last seven years the EPO has funded academic research into a variety of questions of interest to the patent research community. In particular it has been concerned with questions around the new frontiers in innovation and the use of digital technologies for IP.

Studies funded by the ARP

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