Co-operation with member states

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Our co-operation activities with the member states of the European Patent Organisation are aimed at providing the users of the European patent system with the high-quality services they require, strengthening the network of national offices in the member states by way of the European Patent Network, and promoting interoperability between the EPO and the national offices. The focus is on three main areas:

Training for staff of national offices and related institutions

Knowledge transfer from the EPO to the national offices is a vital part of our co-operation programme. Our European Patent Academy provides an extensive range of training opportunities on all aspects of the European patent granting process, including administrative procedures and tools.

IT services and tools

Here our main aim is to provide users with simple, transparent and cost-effective access to the European patent system. IT co-operation activities centre on improving interoperability, enhancing the European dimension of the patent system and facilitating the adoption of changes and developments. A common set of information and communication technology (ICT) standards has been agreed on by all partners.

Patent information tools and services

Patent information plays a key role in supporting the innovation capacity of Europe. The exchange of best practice and co-operation on patent information tools and services are at the heart of our co-operation activities with the member states.