Our activities

Graphic showing the activities of the "Observatory" from 2023 until 2025 and onwards

For more details of the activities depicted in this timeline, read our Biennial Work Plan.

Paving the way to a more sustainable future by:

Positively impacting the innovation ecosystem

Statistic displaying GT from 2001 to 2021 rising from below 50 to roughly above 150

The Observatory is open to all and draws transparently on the full potential of the EPO's patent intelligence and expert networks to foster innovation. It improves the understanding of technology landscapes through studies and analysis, with a focus on mapping and visualising patent data in relation to other high-quality scientific data. Accessible, user-friendly dashboards keep innovators, investors, researchers and the broader public, as well as IP specialists, up to date. Awareness-raising campaigns disseminate research and technology intelligence, building on existing European and national initiatives.

Connecting stakeholders

Three people sitting on red chairs, talking and discussing with each other

The Observatory’s holistic approach connects a broad community of experts and stakeholders that collaborate on innovative solutions. Based on accurate, impartial and verifiable information, it addresses IP-related topics within the wider socioeconomic context. By sharing insights into challenges and opportunities, we learn from each other and achieve more comprehensive and inclusive results. With the European Patent Academy's support, the Observatory also turns technical, policy and scientific output into transformative learning experiences.

Contributing to societal change

Three women taking care of children, playing and socialising with them

By leveraging the EPO’s wealth of data and sustainability insights, the Observatory also works towards greater diversity and inclusion in the innovation ecosystem. The regular publication of data on topics such as gender parity among inventors helps drive the inclusion of under-represented groups. Another key focus is on fostering young people’s interest in STEM subjects, innovation and entrepreneurship. Collective action and co-operation with partners, including the European Inventor Network and other leading institutions enables all this and more.

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