High quality products & services

We strive to provide the legal certainty our users need by delivering search, examination and opposition products of high substantive quality in a consistent manner. In short, our aim is to make sure that our users receive the service and substantive quality they expect at every stage of the procedure, based on the European Patent Convention (EPC).

Guaranteeing legal certainty

An examiner works at his desk

Complete searches and written opinions

Our examiners provide complete searches and comprehensive written opinions.

A group of examiners look at a laptop

Thorough examinations

Careful examination of each file allows for detailed and high-quality products.

An examiner in opposition proceedings by video conference

Transparent and impartial oppositions

Our goal is to provide impartial and legally valid decisions on time.

Three colleagues work on a flipchart

Continual improvement

Always seeking to do better.


Our commitment to quality is based on the solid legal framework of the EPC – and the expertise of staff. 

Enabling quality

Enabling our staff to provide the highest standards of quality.

Quality through networking

Quality is a joint responsibility between the EPO and its users. By telling us where improvements can be made, the EPO can, and does, act to ensure even higher quality products.