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Co-operation is in the DNA of the European Patent Office (EPO). During some five decades of continuous development, the Office has enjoyed fruitful interactions with various stakeholders, including national patent offices, EU institutions and international organisations. We also work closely with Europe’s network of patent information centres (PATLIBs) and user associations globally, among many others.

Working collaboratively with the EPO’s 39 member states in the implementation of our activities will create synergies whilst avoiding duplication of efforts. We will also work very closely with EPO validation states, providing platforms and opportunities for them to make their own contributions and benefit from our collective efforts.

The EPO’s Observatory on Patents and Technology will collaborate closely with the EUIPO Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights. We will look for potential synergies where sensible, whilst remaining differentiated given our distinct missions.

The Observatory will build on this powerful base to connect with more experts, partners and existing networks from across industry and finance as well as policy, legal and academic spheres. At regional, national and international levels, the core drivers of the Observatory’s expert networks are cutting-edge expertise and a plurality of views from across public and private sectors. There will be a special emphasis on universities and research institutions as well as existing startup and SME networks. The EPO’s new European Inventor Award network will be invited to join Observatory activities too, so that everyone benefits from the unique experiences of prestigious inventors.

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