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MyEPO Portfolio is the place to interact with us on your EP and PCT proceedings.

MyEPO Portfolio replaces our My Files, Administration and legacy Mailbox services, which will all be decommissioned in June 2024. 

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It offers representatives and paralegal staff (including applicants that have chosen not to appoint a professional representative):

  • easy access to portfolios of applications, including direct access to the digital files associated with each application filed with us
  • fully operational access to your Mailbox, including options to create email alerts for new communications, pending procedural actions and deadlines
  • the ability to reply directly to selected EPO communications, with streamlined procedural actions and procedural guidance 
  • the ability to request changes about their applications
  • a shared area for live interaction with examiners on documents​
  • a representative area for updating data in the list of professional representatives.

And it offers company administrators

  • the possibility to manage user permissions, access to the Mailbox and application portfolios, and fee payment rights.

Release notes

Getting access

Please read our Get access page.

You can access MyEPO Portfolio using either two-step verification or an EPO smart card.

Getting started


User guide to MyEPO Portfolio
MyEPO Portfolio feature guide - managing user access in MyEPO Portfolio
MyEPO Portfolio feature guide - submitting procedural requests
MyEPO Portfolio feature guide – representative area
MyEPO Portfolio feature guide - shared area

You can use MyEPO Portfolio to receive your Mailbox communications and work on portfolios of applications, provided the administrator for your company has granted you access.

International agents and non-European applicants can use MyEPO Portfolio to receive PCT communications, provided the administrator for your company has established a PCT Link to the company Mailbox and granted you access. 

You can find more information about this in the MyEPO Portfolio feature guide - managing user access in MyEPO Portfolio.

Features and benefits

With MyEPO Portfolio you can:​

  • Receive and process your Mailbox communications from the EPO​
  • View your portfolio of patent applications and granted patents​
  • View the content of the digital file for an application or a granted patent with pending proceedings.
  • Interact live with an examiners on documents ​
  • Perform procedural acts within the prescribed period in:​
    • reply to a communication about the intention to grant the European patent (Rule 71(3) EPC)​
    • reply to a communication under Article 94(3) EPC​
    • reply to the extended European search report (Rule 70a EPC)​​​
    • reply to an invitation about subject-matter for search (Rules 62a and 63 EPC​)​
  • Request changes to applications:
    • Change or withdrawal of representation
    • Changes to bibliographic data
    • Withdrawal of application
  • Grant other users access to your portfolio, so as to delegate the preparation of submissions​
  • Set up email alerts for new communications, tasks or deadlines​
  • Update personal details in the list of professional representatives before the EPO

Read about the roadmap of new features that we plan to introduce in coming months.​

Benefits of MyEPO Portfolio​

MyEPO Portfolio provides improved access and procedural guidance, direct interaction with the EPO on files, and enables the exchange of digital information.​

Improved access​

MyEPO Portfolio provides an interface that is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to access.​

It incorporates the functionalities of the legacy Mailbox and My Files services, with useability improvements. It is easier to view documents in the digital file, with access to documents in their original data format, including parts in colour where available.​

Mailbox access is available to international agents and non European parties acting before the EPO under the PCT.​

MyEPO Portfolio replaces the legacy Mailbox, My Files and Administration facility services, which will be decommissioned in June 2024.​

Improved procedural guidance​

MyEPO Portfolio provides you with information about pending actions in reply to a communication from the EPO and the associated deadlines.​

It offers a simplified approach to making procedural submissions. You are guided through the process with procedural information, and plausibility checks and validations help reduce the risk of error.​

Direct interaction with the EPO on files​

MyEPO Portfolio provides you a personal shared area where you can upload, review, edit and annotate documents together with examiners during a live consultation. This real-time interaction increases quality, transparency as well as efficiency.​

Exchange of digital information​

MyEPO Portfolio allows you to download data about your application portfolios, pending tasks and Mailbox communications, including links to the digital file.​

You will be able to upload information when performing procedural acts in reply to a communication from the EPO.​

We are introducing new business-to-business interfaces (APIs) so that users can automate exchange of data between their IP management systems and MyEPO services.​

The first API is now available, allowing you to download documents and data from your Mailbox.


FAQ - MyEPO Portfolio
FAQ – managing user access in MyEPO Portfolio
FAQ – submitting procedural requests about applications
FAQ – representative area
FAQ - Shared area

Introduction to MyEPO Portfolio - recordings of online seminars

Below you will find recordings of our recent online seminars. These seminars provide an overview of the features of MyEPO Portfolio and give examples on how to use it. Two seminars were organised, one focusing on users who do not have experience with our legacy EPO Mailbox (Introduction to MyEPO Portfolio I) and one focusing on users who know already how to use the legacy EPO Mailbox (Introduction to MyEPO Portfolio II). 

Introduction to MyEPO Portfolio I 

For users who are NOT already using the EPO Mailbox

Watch a recording of the online seminar of 06 June 2023 

Introduction to MyEPO Portfolio II  

For users who are already using the EPO Mailbox

Watch a recording of the online seminar of 20 June 2023

Top 25 MyEPO Portfolio users 

This list shows the Top 25 of MyEPO Portfolio Mailbox users who have downloaded 100% of their communications via the Mailbox in MyEPO Portfolio during Q3 (July-September) of 2023. 

The Top 25 of MyEPO Portfolio users will be expanded in the course of the year to include the usage of other MyEPO Portfolio services as well. 



#Downloads Q3/2023 

Country code 


8 922 


WP Thompson

4 425


Bandpay & Greuter

2 050 


Cohausz & Florack

2 039 



2 006 


Prüfer & Partner mbB

1 920


Solvay S.A.

1 872


Balder IP Law

1 813


Kraus & Weisert

1 803



Inventio AG

1 783



Laine IP Oy

1 524



F & R

1 403



Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

1 379



Maschio & Soames IP Limited

1 342



Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

1 225



L'Oreal - D.I.P.I.

1 220




1 216



Dow Corning Limited

1 144



Botti & Ferrari S.p.A

1 142



Isern Patentes y Marcas, S.L.

1 091 



Cabinet Chaillot

1 074



Patentanwälte Ruff, Wilhelm, Beier, Dauster & Partner mbB 

1 024



Patentanwälte Vollmann Hemmer Lindfeld Partnerschaft




Office Ernest T. Freylinger S.A.




SKM-IP PartGmbB 




Data Protection Statement

Legacy services (to be decommissioned in June 2024)

My Files allows you to view published and unpublished files via a secure connection. Read more

The Mailbox service allows professional representatives to receive communications online from the EPO. Read more

The Administration facility allows you to specify which members of your staff can access Mailbox services. Read more

Further information

Decision of the President of the European Patent Office dated 11 May 2022 concerning the web-based online service MyEPO Portfolio