Sequence listings

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This product contains the sequence listings of nucleotides or amino acids from EP, Euro-PCT and PCT publications where the EPO is the International Searching Authority.

Download a sample file

In sequence listings, the data has been re-formatted and marked up. It is not the version as filed by the applicant. It can be used as a standalone product.

With sequence listings you can:

  • download the gene sequences of EP files
  • retrieve data in txt format
  • incorporate sequence listings into your own database or search tool
Getting started
  1. Check the sample data and information on the main features of our bulk data sets.
  2. Order the product from
  3. You will receive your user name and password for the download area by e-mail.
  4. Download and process regular weekly exchange files.
Coverage 1989 onwards
Format Txt
Volume Frontfile: varies from approx. 10 MB to 200 MB (zipped)
Backfile: 6 GB (zipped)
Delivery Current data (frontfile) is available as a weekly download.
Backfile data is available for download
Price Please visit our shop for prices.

The EPO's bulk data sets are also referred to as "raw data products" or "EPO databases". 

The terms and conditions for licensing of EPO databases apply

Further information

Product documentation

The product description contains information about the coverage and the format of the files.

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