Our Young Professionals



Ana Maria Fonseca Dias 

For me, the Young Professionals Programme at the EPO has been both the perfect start of a professional career after graduation, and a life-changing experience contributing for my personal growth.

Working in the team of “Awareness, Marketing, and Business use of Patent Information”, I had the opportunity to apply and adapt my knowledge to real life situations, as well as broaden my knowledge and interests in the world of IP.

For me, the Young Professionals Programme at the EPO has been both the perfect start of a professional career after graduation, and a life-changing experience contributing for my personal growth.

Working in the team of “Awareness, Marketing, and Business use of Patent Information”, I had the opportunity to apply and adapt my knowledge to real life situations, as well as broaden my knowledge and interests in the world of IP.

Besides the opportunity to work in a cooperative and challenging environment, the Young Professionals Programme also offers the chance to take part in many training programs that helped me develop my soft skills further.

My favourite thing about this Programme is the warm international environment I have been surrounded with. Since day one, I have met many people from different countries and cultures who welcomed me with open arms.

Don’t miss out on this amazing learning experience, apply! 

The Pan-European Seal programme at EPO is a beautiful and amazing experience to start a professional career in the IP world.

As YP, working at the Patent Academy, I had the opportunity to use and combine my artistic and legal skills in modern and challenging projects. I feel that I grew up not only as a worker but also as a person, sharing my culture and my experiences with such amazing people.

My tutor and my team helped me in any kind of situation and never made me feel uncomfortable and I created amazing friendships among the young professionals.

Personally, this programme is a personal achievement which gave me more confidence on the dreams I can reach and realize!

I’ll always be glad to this experience which totally changed my life and my perspectives.

I really advise people to apply for this programme because I’m sure they won’t regret it.


 Antonino Saccá


Corina Parpala 

I applied for the Young Professionals Programme at EPO to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during my LLM studies in intellectual property law. I believe there is no better place to gain practical experience in this area of law than at one of the largest institutions dealing with patents.

Since the beginning of the programme I felt welcomed and that I am part of the team. At the same time, I met other young people with different professional backgrounds, with whom I could exchange impressions and from whom I could learn new and different things. However, the best part is that you are part of an international organization, so you get to experience a great cultural diversity every day.

I am working the Opposition and Central Formalities department dealing with the legal formalities aspects of the opposition procedure during the patent grant process. I like the most that I can work together with other colleagues and to collaborate with other teams as well.

In addition to all these aspects, I think Munich is the right city for young people, offering many possibilities for those who like outdoor activities and with many cultural events. A plus is that from Munich you can travel easily and relatively quickly to other European cities. 

I applied to the Pan-European Seal Young Professionals Programme at EPO during my time in EUIPO and am currently working in the Quality Management.

The reason for why I have applied was to widen my professional scope and get more work experience in an international environment. I felt welcome and integrated as of day one, by my colleagues and supervisors alike. Also, Munich is a beautiful city which feels like a second home very soon.

The Office in general is an inclusive and innovative place to work due to its unique set up which makes it very interesting and lively. I always feel endorsed and motivated to acquire new knowledge and to further develop my skills.

Take the chance to meet like-minded people from different places, make great friends and have a special first working experience! I can only recommend it!


Ines Bröckel 


Léandre Lallemand 

As a young graduate, don't miss out on a golden opportunity that is both intellectually and humanly engaging to launch your professional career.

As an examiner in the field of distillation and gas processing, I am in daily contact with the latest technological advances in chemical engineering. The work of an examiner, although relatively solitary, will satisfy the most curious and cartesian among you.

The people around me, from my team members to the other members of the programme, are pedagogical, open-minded and caring. These ingredients allow you to benefit from quality support throughout the programme and to become familiar with the working methods and customs of EPO in an organic but effective way. Being able to work in such an international working environment and in incredible working conditions are advantages that few organisations or companies can offer.

Finally, Munich is international and big enough, yet expensive city where you can find who you want to find and what you want to find. The company of the other members of the programme is also a great help to discover the city, Germany and even Europe.”


Being part of the European Patent Office by working as a Young Professional was my goal and I do not regret having challenged myself to reach it. This is an opportunity to start a career in an European organisation, to meet people coming from multiple countries and multiple academic backgrounds, and the fulfilment and excitement that it brings makes the Young Professional Programme the best way to experience something amazing.

I am happy to be part of a team of examiners in the technical field of antibodies. Working on applications of such technical field is challenging as it requires to understand the biotechnologies of tomorrow. This is what excites me the most about it, learning every day, being challenged every day and building a strong, reliable patent knowledge, with the support of the team and especially of the tutors.

More than that, learning a new language thanks to the German courses provided makes the overall experience even more relevant as you find yourself speaking an additional language at the end of the Young Professional Programme. And Munich is a very welcoming city!

I cannot recommend you more to apply to the Young Professional Programme if you are interested in learning in your technical field and in patent law by working on challenging patent applications.


Jihanne Khellat 


Perim Sari

I applied to this program because of my interest in intellectual property and inventions. But I did not think that I would have such a productive, educational and satisfying experience.

I really feel very lucky to learn something new every day, to improve myself, to develop not only hard skills but also soft skills. As an engineer, I work here as a patent examiner. In this way, I have the opportunity to follow the inventions closely. It was a great pleasure to contribute to the development of technology.

I am surrounded by people from different nationalities who are experts in their fields. Living and exploring a place like Munich with these people is priceless.

Applying for this programme is one of the best things you can do for your future! You will be in the right place not only for an incredible work experience but also for extraordinary life experience.

"Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude."

The European Patent Office Young Professionals Programme cultivates a mindset of excellence, where every colleague constantly strives for the highest level of quality and accuracy in their work. The program promotes a proactive attitude towards professional development and fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation. Throughout the programme, I was continuously encouraged to bring my unique perspective and strengths to the table.

Through this programme, you will develop not only your technical skills, but also your mindset, helping you to approach your work and your career with a commitment to excellence that will serve you well in all your future endeavours.


Yigit Atalay Tez