Sending invoices/credit notes to the EPO

  • Invoices/credit notes must be sent to 
  • No other email addresses should be used, including in cc
  • Only one invoice/credit note per email
  • PDFs must have a minimum 300 dpi resolution
  • No handwriting allowed
  • Providing a link to the invoice/credit note is not permitted

Invoices must state the number of the relevant Purchase Order and must be sent via email (PDF only, min. resolution 300 dpi) to: Exceptionally, if the invoice is not related to a purchase order, please state the FR and/or SPE nr. instead.

Purchase order number (PO): "45xxxxxx-xx"

Funds reservation (FR) number


SPE number


All PO numbers have 10 digits. All FR and SPE numbers have 12 digits. Please put a dash prior to the last two digits of the number, as indicated in the box above.

If you do not have a purchase order (PO), funds reservation (FR) or single point of entry (SPE) number, please contact the business unit which sent you the order for the goods/services or your finance contact person to obtain the missing number.

The invoice/credit note must be issued to the following recipient:


The Netherlands


European Patent Office

Postfach 14 06 69

80456 München


European Patent Office

Postbus 5818

2280 HV Rijswijk

The Netherlands

European Patent Office

Postfach 90

1031 Wien


No more than one version of the same invoice may be sent, unless specifically requested by the EPO.

The EPO reserves the right to return invoices/credit notes if they do not comply with EU invoicing rules 1 and with the above-mentioned EPO requirements.

  1 Council Directive 2006/112/EC (Art. 217-240) - not applicable for invoices/credit notes related to supplies outside the EU or EPO member states