Exchange data with us using an API


We provide MyEPO business-to-business technical interfaces – referred to as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) – that your IT department can use to automate exchange of data between your IP management systems and MyEPO services.

MyEPO APIs are in line with World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) recommendations for processing and communicating Intellectual Property data using Web APIs, specifically WIPO Standard ST.90.

The following APIs are currently available:

  • Mailbox API for downloading Mailbox content, including documents and metadata
  • Online Filing 2.0 API for submitting EP forms

For information about how to start using these APIs, please see the feature guide and frequently asked questions:

MyEPO feature guide – APIs for exchanging information with your IP management systems
FAQ - APIs for exchanging information with your IT systems

Please contact your IP management software supplier or IT department if you aren’t sure whether your in-house IP management software is ready to use the EPO’s APIs.

You can always get in touch with or your key account manager if you still aren’t sure about something.