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In our Talk innovation: unlocking technology channel, expert presenters and guests – including our patent examiners - provide their perspective on technology trends and highlight ground-breaking inventions. Join us to learn more on the role of patents and the intellectual property (IP) system in supporting society and the economy. A list of episodes is also available directly below.

The channel Talk innovation: patent professional edition offers podcasts tailored to the needs of the patent profession: patent attorneys, lawyers, paralegals, patent searchers and related professions.

Any opinions expressed are those of the podcast participants and not necessarily those of the European Patent Office or guest speakers' respective organisations.

Latest episodes

Dr Matthias Zigann and attorney Grégoire Desrousseaux

Adaptation of the description (European Patent Bar)

Judge Dr Matthias Zigann and attorney Grégoire Desrousseaux discuss the central importance of clarity for patents and evaluate the different positions that practitioners hold on the adaptation of the description.

Elena Garcia Armada
Robotics exoskeletons for kids: more than a medical device

Elena García Armada invented a robotic exoskeleton for children who use wheelchairs, vastly improving their rehabilitation. However, going from lab to market was no mean feat. 

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“You are a wonder”: How stem cell donations save lives

A simple cheek swab could begin a new lease on life for patients with leukaemia. Stem cell typing is the first step in matching patients with donors. Join us to learn about typing. 

Adela Dvorakova
A proprietary platform to fight cancer: a technology transfer case study

Two scientists-turned-entrepreneurs have created the technology platform S-TIR for immunology vaccines, enabling treatments for allergies and cancer. 

Sandra Pohlman and Thomas Remmerswaal
Practical patenting: avoid these common application pitfalls

Patent professionals: how do you steer clear of unclear terminology, ambiguous descriptions or overly complex claims in your applications? 

Victor Veefkind & Yann Ménière
New energy landscapes

The latest Patent Index shows that clean energy technologies are driving a surge in patent applications. Our experts discuss the leading countries in this exciting field and give insights into what is driving the innovations in clean energies.


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Any opinions expressed are those of the podcast participants and not necessarily those of the European Patent Office or guest speakers' respective organisations

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