Federated Register

The Federated Register provides a single point of access to reliable post‑grant bibliographic and legal status information on European patents. It is available free of charge.

Just select the Federated register tab in the European Patent Register to display the data made available in the patent registers of the designated EPO states in a unified common view. You can even take it a step further and access the national patent registers of those states by selecting the appropriate country code on the left of the panel view (deep linking).

Status of a patent

The status of a European patent in the various designated states is indicated in the Federated register panel view, in the Statuscolumn. The information there comes from the national patent offices concerned.

This list sets out and explains the various status types that national patent offices can provide for the Federated Register.

Please note that the Federated Register displays the status of European patents in the post-grant phase. It does not show the pre-grant status of EP applications. This is information you will find by selecting the About this file tab. Pre-grant status types appear greyed out in this list.

Federated Register content

Information on the content provided by each national patent office currently integrated into the Federated Register is available by selecting the relevant country below:


List of countries taking part in the Federated Register service
List of countries