Transparency portal

Welcome to the transparency portal, where we provide easy access to information on our operations and sustainability efforts. We believe in transparency and accountability, and have organised our documents in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. 


Key documents and information related to our operations and sustainability efforts.

GRI Content Index 2022 Strategic plan 2023 Annual Work Plan 2023 Annual Review 2022 EPO Service Regulations Report archive


Our commitment to our employees' development and well-being

Social report 2022 Engagement report 2022 EPO Service Regulations Report archive


Our efforts to minimise our environmental impact and promote sustainability

Environmental policy Environmental report 2022Report archive


How we manage our internal resources to drive innovation and growth

Quality report 2022IT report 2022 Communication report 2022Report archive

Social and relational

Our partnerships and initiatives to support the communities we operate in

European Patent Academy report 2022 User Satisfaction Survey 2021 Co-operation report 2022 Report archive


Our financial performance and contribution to economic development

Financial statements 2022Budget 2023Archive


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