Annex V
Fees provided for in the EPC 
The guidance for the payment of fees published periodically in the Official Journal enables you to find out at any time which rules relating to fees are currently applicable and whether any information given in this Guide has changed since it was published. You are advised to check the latest information on fee payment, which is available on the EPO website at
Further information on fees 
Further information on fees, such as the schedule of fees and expenses of the EPO and the bank account of the European Patent Organisation for payments in euros, is also published on the EPO website (
Arrangements for deposit accounts 
The Arrangements for deposit accounts (ADA) and their annexes are published as a supplementary publication of the EPO's Official Journal. They contain detailed information on the opening, debiting and replenishing of deposit accounts, as well as the automatic debiting of fees. You are advised to check the Official Journal for updates and amendments. 

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