What is My Files for?

My Files is an online service providing users with secure access to the files they are representing. Specifically, it provides:

  • Access to both unpublished and published files
  • Access to complete file contents (including non-public documents)
  • Self-service functionality to manage representation:
    • Withdraw representation
    • Re-assign representation
  • Self-service functionality to change user reference

Who can use My Files?

Professional representatives with a smart card who receive their communications via the Mailbox can access an automatically loaded list of their own published and unpublished files.

I am not a professional representative. What can I use My Files for?

My Files is only available for professional representatives and for associations of representatives. Others can use Online File Inspection to access published files.


What are the different filters for in My Files?

The first filter displays the list of files for which you are the professional representative. Its label is your name.

The other filter(s) (if appropriate) display(s) the files for which the professional representative is the association(s) of representatives of which you are a member. Its/their label is the (respective) association's name.

How can I view the files in My Files?

Clicking any of the file details displayed in the filter overview will take you to the secure file inspection. This provides you with an overview of the file contents. Clicking any document in the file will open the corresponding PDF file in a separate browser window.

I just filed a new EP application using Online Filing 15 minutes ago. Why is it not showing up in my list of files?

Applications submitted using Online filing are immediately stored in the EPO's systems. However, the data relating to these applications are not uploaded until night-time (a batch process). These applications will therefore only show up in your list of files the next day, or in exceptional cases, the day after.

I just filed documents relating to an existing application using Online Filing 15 minutes ago. The application is in my list of files, I can see previously filed documents, but I cannot see the ones I just filed. Why?

Submitted documents are only displayed after verification and validation by the EPO. This is to avoid making documents available that have been inadvertently submitted under an incorrect application number.

Why can't I see the medical certificate I filed recently?

Medical certificates, together with Requests for certified copies, Requests for file inspection, Payment sheets and Communications to search division regarding acceleration/completion of search are never made available, even for applications for which you are responsible.

How can I customise the view in My Files?

You can customise the view in My Files by clicking the Preferences button in the top right-hand corner of the file screen. This will allow you to sort your files by specific, pre-defined definitions and headings.

Can I remove files from any of the filters in My Files?

No, you cannot remove files from your filters. The list of files displayed in these filters is generated by the EPO systems and represents an overview of all files you (or the association of representatives of which you are a member) are currently representing.


I can't see the MyFiles tab

There are several possible reasons for this:

  • Your company Mailbox has not been activated by the company administrator
    Contact your company administrator and ask him to activate the Mailbox
  • The company mailbox has been activated, but you have not yet been associated with it
    Contact the company administrator and ask him to take the necessary steps to associate you with the Mailbox
  • You are not a professional representative and therefore have not been associated with a Mailbox
    Unfortunately due to current technical constraints you can only receive mail electronically or have access to MyFiles if you are a professional representative or a member of an association of representatives. Other users (e.g. lawyers entitled to represent before the EPO) have no access to these services at present.
  • Your smart card does not identify you as a professional representative
    This means that you did not indicate that you were a representative when enrolling for a smart card. Please contact us to have this changed.
  • You are working for an association which has requested that it receives mail electronically in the Mailbox, but has not associated individual representatives with the Mailbox.
    The individual representatives also need to be associated with the company Mailbox. Contact your company administrator and ask him to take the necessary steps to associate you with the Mailbox.

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