2.6.1 User Interfaces

User interfaces, in particular graphical user interfaces (GUIs), comprise features of presenting information and receiving input in response as part of human-computer interaction. Features defining user input are more likely to have a technical character than those solely concerning data output and display, because input requires compatibility with the predetermined protocol of a machine, whereas output may be largely dictated by the subjective preferences of a user (Guidelines G‑II, 3.7.1 – November 2018 version).

There is well-established case law which considers a graphical user interfaces layout (GUI) as such to be non-technical, being a "presentation of information" (Art. 52(2)(d) EPC) (see T 1143/06; T 1741/08).

The issues of GUI layout and presentation of information in the assessment of inventive step is analysed in detail in sub-chapter "Assesment of features relating to a presentation of information", within the chapter I.D.9. "Assessment of inventive step".

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