Rule 6

Time limits and reduction of fees

Art. 76, 78, 88, 94, 99, 108

(1)6 The translation referred to in Article 14, paragraph 2, must be filed within three months after the filing of the European patent application, but no later than thirteen months after the date of priority. Nevertheless, if the translation concerns a European divisional application or a new European patent application under Article 61, paragraph 1(b), the translation may be filed at any time within one month of the filing of such application.

(2) The translation referred to in Article 14, paragraph 4, must be filed within one month of the filing of the document. Where the document is a notice of opposition or an appeal, this period shall be extended where appropriate to the end of the opposition period or appeal period.

(3)7 A reduction in the filing fee, examination fee, opposition fee or appeal fee shall be allowed an applicant, proprietor or opponent, as the case may be, who avails himself of the options provided in Article 14, paragraphs 2 and 4. The reduction shall be fixed in the Rules relating to Fees at a percentage of the total of the fees.

6 Amended by decision of the Administrative Council of 20.10.1977 which entered into force on 01.02.1978 (OJ EPO 1978, 12 ff).

7 See decision of the Enlarged Board of Appeal G 6/91 (Annex I).

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