Debit orders for deposit accounts held with the EPO 

For European patent applications debit orders for the fees due must be filed in an accepted electronic format (see A‑X, 4.2.3), irrespective of how the application itself is filed. If an application is filed with a competent national authority (Art. 75(1)(b)) on paper, a paper debit order on mandatory Form 1020 for the fees intended to be paid is exceptionally accepted if it is included with that application on the date of filing (see the Arrangements for deposit accounts (ADA), Supplementary publication 4, OJ EPO 2019). Paper Form 1020 is not accepted if filed direct with the EPO. For the abolition of payments by cheque, see A‑X, 2.

Point 5.1.2 ADA
Point 5.6.1 ADA

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