Morality or "ordre public"

The application must not contain statements or other matter contrary to "ordre public" or morality. Such matter may be omitted when the application is published, the published application indicating the place and number of words or drawings omitted. (Where drawings are omitted regard should be had to the physical requirements of A‑III, 3.2). The Receiving Section may check the description, claims and drawings to ascertain whether they contain offending matter. In order not to delay unduly the formalities examination, if carried out, this will entail a cursory examination to ensure that the application does not contain the following prohibited matter: statements constituting an incitement to riot or to acts contrary to "ordre public", racial, religious or similar discriminatory propaganda, or criminal acts and grossly obscene matter. The Receiving Section may also take action to prevent the publication of such matter where the search division draws its attention to such matter which it had overlooked. The applicant is notified of the material omitted. In practice, it will usually be the search division which brings the existence of such material in the application to the attention of the Receiving Section.

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