Consultation of the European Patent Register 

The European Patent Register can be accessed free of charge via the EPO website (epo.org) (see A‑XI, 2.2). Entries in the European Patent Register are made starting from the publication of the European patent application up to expiry of the period of opposition or the termination of opposition proceedings. Where applicable, the date and purport of any decision taken in revocation or limitation proceedings (Art. 105b(2)) and/or on a petition for review (Art. 112a) are also included (Rule 143(1)(x) and (y)). Since the correction of the designation of the inventor may be made at any time (see A‑III, 5.5 A‑III, 5.6), there is no time restriction for related entries in the European Patent Register.

Apart from the data to be entered in the European Patent Register under Rule 143(1), the Register includes, under Rule 143(2), additional application and procedural data not published in the European Patent Bulletin (see the Decision of the President of the EPO dated 15 July 2014, OJ EPO 2014, A86). Register data may also be obtained by telephone from Customer Services: epo.org/service-support/contact-us.html. In exceptional cases, an extract from the Register will be provided on receipt of a substantiated request (see OJ EPO 2019, A15).

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