Priority documents issued by the EPO 

Any priority document (i.e. the certified copy of the European patent application together with the certificate stating the date of filing thereof) will only be issued to the (original) applicant or his successor in title on written request. If such request is missing, the EPO will invite the requester to file it and will supply the certified copy only once this requirement has been fulfilled. In the case of applications filed in a language other than an official language of the EPO (Art. 14(2)), the priority document relates to the application as originally filed, not to the translation in one of the official languages of the EPO.

The President of the EPO determines all necessary arrangements, including the form of the priority document and the circumstances in which an administrative fee is payable (see A‑XI, 1). Where a European patent application claims the priority of a previous European patent application or an international application filed with the EPO as receiving Office under the PCT, a certified copy of the previous application will be included in the file free of charge (see also A‑III, 6.7).

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