Anticipation of amendments to claims 

In principle, and in so far as possible and reasonable, the search covers the entire subject-matter to which the claims are directed or to which they might reasonably be expected to be directed after they have been amended (see, however, B‑VII, 1.3 in the case of lack of unity and H‑II, 6 for the ambit of Rule 137(5)).


Where an application relating to an electric circuit contains one or more claims only directed to the function and manner of operation, and the description and drawings include an example with a detailed non-trivial transistor circuit, the search includes this circuit.

However, it is not sufficient for the application as filed to contain one broad claim, with no dependent claims, in order to be entitled to a search to all the features of a large number of embodiments covered by the wording of that claim (see T 1679/10).

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