Summaries, extracts or abstracts 

Where a document cited is a summary, extract or abstract of another document, published separately, a copy of the summary, extract or abstract is forwarded to the applicant along with the report.

If, however, the search division considers that the entire document is required, that document must be cited and a copy must be attached to the report (see B‑X, 9.1.2(ii)). In the case of a reference obtained by an online search for which neither the printed version from the database (e.g. COMPDX, PAPERCHEM2 and NTIS) nor the original article is available at the EPO at the time of drafting the search report, the print-out is added to the file in lieu of the original. This may also be done where the printed form of the abstract is available, but where there is no difference in the relevant technical content between the abstract derived from the database print-out and the printed version thereof.

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