The standard search report is prepared by the search division and contains a main page to be used for all searches for recording the important features of the search, such as:

the application number; 
the classification of the application; 
the fields searched; 
the relevant documents revealed by the search; and 
the name of the member of the search division who executed the search, 

as well as supplemental sheet A and, in certain cases, also supplemental sheet B.

Supplemental sheet A is to be used for indicating approval or modifications of the title, the abstract as submitted by the applicant, and the figure to be published with the abstract and for giving the translation of the title into the two other official languages (see B‑X, 7).

Supplemental sheet B is to be completed where there are restrictions on the search, i.e. when claims incurring fees are not searched due to non-payment of claims fees (see B‑III, 3.4), when unity of invention is lacking (see B‑VII), when a meaningful search is not possible such that the search report is an incomplete one or is completely replaced by a declaration according to Rule 63 (see B‑VIII, 3) or when the search is limited according to Rule 62a (see B‑VIII, 4).

Dates appearing in the report are expressed according to the WIPO standard ST.2.

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