B‑X, 9.3 Relationship between documents and claims - Guidelines for Examination
Relationship between documents and claims 

Each document cited in the search report should be accompanied by an indication of the claims to which it relates, unless the document is indicated by category letter "L" (see B‑X, 9.2.8). One and the same document may be indicated by different categories with respect to different claims, wherein each category is associated with particular claims.



8 March 1990 (1990-03-08)




* column 3, line 27 - line 43; figure 1 *




* figure 2 *



The above example means that the cited document discloses subject-matter which prejudices the novelty or inventive step of the subject-matter of claim 1 and the inventive step of the subject-matter of claims 2 to 5, when combined with another document cited in the search report, and that it represents non-prejudicial state of the art for the subject-matter of claims 6 to 10. The passages or figures are not necessarily relevant to the claims and the category indicated on the same line.

Furthermore, each independent claim should be mentioned in the search report at least once in relation to at least one document published before the earliest priority date (unless the independent claim in question is excluded from the search by virtue of a restriction of the subject of the search mentioned in B‑X, 8) (see B‑IV, 2.5).

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