2.8.3 Confidentiality

For non-published applications, confidentiality issues should be carefully considered and substantive matters should not form part of any email correspondence concerning such applications.

Filing of amended documents and new requests

As stated above, email cannot be used to perform procedural acts (except, under certain conditions, during oral proceedings or interviews held as a video-conference; see C‑VII, 2.6, and E‑III, 11.3.2). If, e.g. shortly before oral proceedings, the applicant would like to submit new requests and/or amended documents, this should be done by fax, since only in this way can it be ensured that the filed documents are given a valid date of receipt and form part of the file. Experience has shown that faxes are normally visible in the electronic file on the same day. As stated in C‑VII, 2.8.1(iii), an informal copy, in addition to the fax, can be sent to the examiner for the convenience of the division if this is felt necessary due to the short time frame.

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