Introduction of further examples and new effects 

Amendment by the introduction of further examples always needs to be looked at very carefully in the light of the general considerations outlined in H‑IV, 2. The same applies to the introduction of statements of new (i.e. previously not mentioned) effects of the invention such as new technical advantages. For example, if the invention as originally presented related to a process for cleaning woollen clothing consisting of treating the clothing with a particular fluid, the applicant is not allowed to introduce later into the description a statement that the process also has the advantage of protecting the clothing against moth damage.

Under certain circumstances, however, later filed examples or new effects, even if not allowed into the application, may nevertheless be taken into account by the examining division as evidence in support of the patentability of the claimed invention. For instance, an additional example may be accepted as evidence that the invention can be readily applied, on the basis of the information given in the originally filed application, over the whole field claimed (see F‑IV, 6.3). Similarly a new effect may be considered as evidence in support of inventive step, provided that this new effect is implied by or at least related to an effect disclosed in the originally filed application (see G‑VII, 10).

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