This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

Games   G-II, 3.5.2

Schemes, rules and methods for performing mental acts, playing games or doing business   G‑II, 3.5

Schemes, rules and methods for playing games   G‑II, 3.5.2

General authorisation   A-VIII, 1.7

General considerations   B-III, 3.3.1, C-VI, 1.1

Amended claims or missing parts (Rule 56)   B‑III, 3.3.1

Time limits for response to communications from the examiner   C‑VI, 1.1

General further checks   A-III, 1.2

General layout of drawings   A-IX, 5

Numbering of figures   A‑IX, 5.2

Pagesetting   A‑IX, 5.1

Whole figure   A‑IX, 5.3

General Part   General Part

Contracting states to the EPC   General Part, 6

Explanatory notes   General Part, 2

Extension to and validation in states not party to the EPC   General Part, 7

Preliminary remarks   General Part, 1

Summary of the processing of applications and patents at the EPO   General Part, 5

Work at the EPO   General Part, 4

General principle   D-IX, 1.1

General principles in opposition proceedings   E‑VI, 2.1

General remarks and definitions   G-II, 5.1, G-IV, 1

General rule for SI derived units   F-II, An. 2, 1.2.1

General statements, "spirit of the invention", claim-like clauses   F-IV, 4.4

Generalisation of essential features   F-IV, 4.5.3

Generic disclosure and specific examples   G-VI, 5


Grant and publishing fee   C‑V, 1.2

Grant of a European patent   

Mention in the European Patent Bulletin   C-V, 2, C-V, 13

Request for the grant   A-III, 11.1, A-III, 11.3.5, A-III, 13.2, A-VI, 2.2, F-II, 1

Grant of a patent   C‑V, 2

Graphic forms of presentation considered as drawings   A-IX, 1

Photographs   A‑IX, 1.2

Technical drawings   A‑IX, 1.1

Graphic forms of presentation not considered as drawings   A-IX, 11

Chemical and mathematical formulae   A‑IX, 11.1

Tables   A‑IX, 11.2

Grounds for opposition   D-III, 5

Amendments not related to the grounds for opposition   H‑II, 3.2

Examination of the grounds for opposition   D‑V, 2.2

Grouping of drawings   A-IX, 2.1

Grouping of inventions   F-V, 3.2

Claims for a known substance for a number of distinct medical uses   F‑V, 3.2.6

Common dependent claims   F‑V, 3.2.4

Dependent claims   F‑V, 3.2.3

Intermediate and final products   F‑V, 3.2.7

Markush grouping (alternatives in a single claim)   F‑V, 3.2.5

Plurality of independent claims in different categories   F‑V, 3.2.2

Plurality of independent claims in the same category   F‑V, 3.2.1

Guidance to persons heard   E-IV, 1.6.3

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