This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

Games   G‑II, 3.5.2

Schemes, rules and methods for performing mental acts, playing games or doing business   G‑II, 3.5

Schemes, rules and methods for playing games   G‑II, 3.5.2

General authorisation   A‑VIII, 1.6

General considerations   B‑III, 3.3.1, C‑VI, 1.1

Amended claims or missing parts (Rule 56)   B‑III, 3.3.1

Time limits for response to communications from the examiner   C‑VI, 1.1

General examples in opposition proceedings   E‑VI, 2.1

General layout of drawings   A‑IX, 5

Numbering of figures   A‑IX, 5.2

Page-setting   A‑IX, 5.1

Whole figure   A‑IX, 5.3

General Part   General Part

Contracting States to the EPC   General Part, 6

Explanatory notes   General Part, 2

Extension to and validation in states not party to the EPC   General Part, 7

Preliminary remarks   General Part, 1

Survey of the processing of applications and patents at the EPO   General Part, 5

Work at the EPO   General Part, 4

General principle   D‑IX, 1.1

General remarks and definitions   G‑II, 5.1, G‑IV, 1

General rule for SI derived units   F‑II, An. 2, 1.2.1

General statements, "spirit of invention", claim-like clauses   F‑IV, 4.4

General: further checks   A‑III, 1.2

Generalisation of essential features   F‑IV, 4.5.3

Generic disclosure and specific examples   G‑VI, 5


Grant and publishing fee   C‑V, 1.2

Grant of a European patent   

Mention in the European Patent Bulletin   C‑V, 2, C‑V, 13

Request for the grant   A‑III, 11.1, A‑III, 11.3.5, A‑VI, 2.2, F‑II, 1

Grant of a patent   C‑V, 2

Graphic forms of presentation considered as drawings   A‑IX, 1

Photographs   A‑IX, 1.2

Technical drawings   A‑IX, 1.1

Graphic forms of presentation not considered as drawings   A‑IX, 11

Chemical and mathematical formulae   A‑IX, 11.1

Tables   A‑IX, 11.2

Grounds for opposition   D‑III, 5

Amendments not related to the grounds for opposition   H‑II, 3.2

Examination of the grounds for opposition   D‑V, 2.2

Grouping of drawings   A‑IX, 2.1

Guidance to persons heard   E‑IV, 1.6.3

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