Additional search fee 

The additional search fee paid in response to an invitation to pay additional fees after a finding of lack of unity (Form PCT/ISA/206, see GL/PCT‑EPO B‑VII, 6.2) is collected directly by the EPO as International Searching Authority (ISA/EP) and its amount is fixed by the EPO. This fee is to be paid within one month from the date of the invitation. The amount payable is the amount applicable on the date of receipt of the international application. For any reductions that may apply, see GL/PCT‑EPO A‑III, 8.2.1.

The applicant must also pay the ISA/EP an additional search fee (equal to the search fee) where the receiving Office notifies it of a correct element or part under Rule 20.5bis PCT after the start of the search and the applicant wants the search to be based on that correct element or part. This additional fee must be paid within one month from the date of the invitation to do so. No additional search fee is to be paid to the ISA/EP under R. 40bis.1 PCT in the case of missing parts (R. 20.5 PCT).

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