Defects in the priority claim 

Where the RO finds that

R. 4.10
R. 26bis.1(a)
R. 26bis.2
GL/RO 167 ff.
PCT AG I 6.038-6.042

a priority claim does not comply with the requirements of Rule 4.10 (see GL/PCT‑EPO A‑VI, 1.1), or that
the filing date indicated for the earlier application does not fall within the period of 12 months preceding the international filing date (see GL/PCT‑EPO A‑VI, 1.2, and GL/PCT‑EPO A‑VI, 1.4.2), or that
any indication in a priority claim is inconsistent with the corresponding indication appearing in the priority document (see GL/PCT‑EPO A‑VI, 1.3, and GL/PCT‑EPO A‑VI, 1.4.2),

the RO, using Form PCT/RO/110,

invites the applicant to correct the priority claim (PCT/RO/110, Annex A), and/or 
if the filing date of the international application lies within two months of expiry of the priority period, draws the applicant's attention to the possibility of requesting restoration of the right of priority (PCT/RO/110, Annex B). 

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