This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

National earlier rights   B-VI, 4.2

Negative limitations (e.g. disclaimers)   F-IV, 4.19

No meaningful search possible   B-VIII, 3

Combination of an incomplete search and lack of unity   B‑VIII, 3.6

Content of the WO‑ISA after an invitation for informal clarification and/or in case of a restriction of the search   B‑VIII, 3.5

Examples of impossibility to perform a meaningful search over the whole of the claimed scope   B‑VIII, 3.1

Informal clarification   B‑VIII, 3.3

Nucleotide and amino acid sequences   B‑VIII, 3.2

Reply to the invitation for informal clarification   B‑VIII, 3.4

No payment of additional search fees   C-V, 2

Reply from the applicant to the invitation to pay additional search fees no payment of additional search fees   B‑VII, 6.1

No request for payment of additional search fees   B-VII, 3

Searched claims did not comply with unity of invention no request for payment of additional search fees   C‑V, 3.3

Non-functional modification   G-VII, 10.1

Non-patent literature arranged for library-type access   B-IX, 4

Non-patent literature arranged for systematic access   B-IX, 3

Periodicals, records, reports, books, etc.   B‑IX, 3.1

Non-prejudicial disclosures   B-VI, 5.5, G-V

Non-unity   B-XII, 10

Cascading non-unity   B‑VII, 4

Deciding what is to be considered the main invention   B‑XII, 10.2

General procedure   B‑XII, 10.1

Limitation of the search for reasons other than non-unity   B‑XII, 5

Main ISA found that unity of invention is lacking   B‑XII, 10.3

Review procedure   B‑XII, 10.4

Novelty   G-VI

Documents defining the state of the art and not prejudicing novelty or inventive step   B‑X, 9.2.2

Enabling disclosure of a prior document   G‑VI, 4

Examination of novelty   G‑VI, 7

Generic disclosure and specific examples   G‑VI, 5

Implicit disclosure and parameters   G‑VI, 6

Implicit features or well-known equivalents   G‑VI, 2

Novelty of "reach-through" claims   G‑VI, 9

Opinion on novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability   B‑XI, 3.2.1

Prior art pursuant to Art. 33(2)   G‑VI, 1

Relevant date of a prior document   G‑VI, 3

Selection inventions   G‑VI, 8

Nucleotide and amino acid sequence listings   F-II, 6

Reference to sequences disclosed in a database   F‑II, 6.1

Nucleotide and amino acid sequences   B-III, 2.11, B-VIII, 3.2

No meaningful search possible   B‑VIII, 3.2

Subject of the search   B‑III, 2.11


Number of independent claims   F‑IV, 3.2

Numbering of figures   A‑V, 5.2

Numbering of sheets of drawings   A‑V, 4.2

Numbers, letters and reference signs   A‑V, 7.5

Arrows   A‑V, 7.5.2

Consistent use of reference signs in the description, claims and drawings   A‑V, 7.5.4

Consistent use of reference signs in the drawings   A‑V, 7.5.5

Height of the numbers and letters in the drawings   A‑V, 7.5.3

Leading lines   A‑V, 7.5.1

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