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Contracting state



Applicant can choose between EPO and national authorities (subject to section 2)



Art. 78(1) PA


Applications which must be filed with national authorities


Applicants having their residence or principal place of business in Portugal must file any Euro­pean patent appli­cation with INPI unless claiming the priority of an earlier Portuguese appli­cation.

Art. 78(2) PA


Languages in which European patent applications must or may be filed with national authorities


All the languages pursuant to Art. 14(2) EPC.

Art. 79(1) PA


Official language(s)




Special features


Applications can be filed on paper or electronically through the INPI electronic filing tool. Applications may also be filed by facsimile,* provided the paper copy is received at the INPI within 5 working days of the date on which the transmission by facsimile was effected.

A transmittal fee (EUR 21.55) is payable when filing the application.

European patent applications which are not filed in Portuguese must be followed within one month – unless the priority of an earlier Portu­guese national filing is claimed – by a translation into Portuguese of the description, claims and abstract, and by a copy of the drawings even if these contain no text for translation.

Fees Res.
Art. 79(2) PA

* See decision of the President of the EPO: OJ EPO 2019, A18.

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