Contracting state



Provisional protection under Art. 67 EPC


Yes [Art. 67(3)(a) EPC]

§ 60(3) PA


Rights conferred


As from the day on which the translation of the patent claims is made available to the public, the European patent applicant has the same rights as an applicant for a national (Slovak) patent application, provided that a European patent is granted with effects in the Slovak Republic.

§ 15(1) and 60(3) PA


Translation of the claims necessary pursuant to Art. 67(3) EPC?



§ 60 PA


When does the right referred to in section 1 arise if a translation pursuant to Art. 67(3) EPC is necessary?


When the translation of the claims is made available to the public, and notice to this effect is pub­lished in the Official Journal

§ 60(3) PA

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