Contracting state



Basis for conversion


Deemed withdrawal pursuant to Art. 77(3) EPC

Sect. 122(1) PA
R. 86 PR


Procedural steps to be taken


(a) Request for conversion

(b) Payment of the con­version fee (EUR 30) and of the filing fee (EUR 125)

(c) Filing, in duplicate, of an English trans­la­tion of the patent appli­cation and any amend­ments previously made

(d) Designation of the inventor or indication of the applicant's right to be granted the patent

Sect. 17(2), 122(2) PA
R. 86(1) PR
Schedule I Fees Rules


Time limit for taking procedural steps referred to in section 2


2 months from receipt by the Controller of the request for conversion or, where the EP appli­cation was not filed at the IPOI, within 2 months of date of notification by the Controller to the applicant of receipt of a request from the Central Industrial Property Office of another contracting state where the EP application was filed

Sect. 122 PA
R. 86 PR


Must a national professional representative be appointed?


Yes, if the applicant has neither a residence nor his princi­pal place of business in the European Community

R. 93(1) PR
SI No.141 of 2006


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