Contracting state



Basis for conversion


Deemed withdrawal pursuant to Art. 77(3) EPC

R. 19 RegEPC


Procedural steps to be taken


(a) Payment of national filing fee: TRY 75*

The filing fee is in­creased according to the number of priorities, see List of Fees.

(b) Filing in duplicate of a Turkish translation

R. 20 RegEPC
Fees 2022


Time limit for taking procedural steps referred to in section 2


3 months after receipt of the request for conversion by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office

R. 20 RegEPC


Must a national professional representative be appointed?


The procedural steps referred to in section 2 must be taken by a profes­sion­al representa­tive before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, if the applicant has neither a residence nor his principal place of business in Turkey.

R. 20 RegEPC


Special features


In the case indicated in section 1 the EP application may be converted into a national patent or utility model application.

R. 19 RegEPC

* Note: all fees are revised annually on 1 January.

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