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Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas

For bank details, see "Methods of payment", point (c).


Methods of payment


(a) Online, via the OEPM website:

(a.1) Debit to a client account at CAIXABANK.

(a.2) Debit to a client account at any bank associated with the Spanish Tax Administration (AEAT) (digital certificate required).

(b) Cash payment in person at any CAIXABANK branch (forms generated from the OEPM website are needed).

More details at

(c) Only if the payer cannot pay by method (a) or (b):

- Go to

- Fill in the payer's details and select the fees to be paid.

- An email with all the details needed to make the bank transfer will be sent.

- Once the OEPM has received the payment, receipt(s) will be emailed to the payer.


Date considered as the effective payment date


3(a.1) and 3(a.2) Date of payment via the OEPM website.

3(b) Date of payment at a CAIXABANK branch.

3(c) Date of the bank transfer.

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