European qualifying examination - Guide for preparation



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There are few examinations that require candidates to demonstrate such a wide range of technical, legal and administrative knowledge as the European qualifying examination (EQE). Passing the examination means entering a profession that is challenging and rewarding - and practitioners provide an invaluable service to innovation in Europe. But taking the examination is only the final step of a long and arduous journey.

This guide is a collection of explanations, information and advice that gives candidates a head-start on organising the time they spend preparing for the examination. It will allow them to channel their efforts so as to maximise their chances of passing the examination through:

  • better understanding what the EQE is;
  • an appropriate order in which to tackle the subject matter that has to be covered over a number of years;
  • ideas on how much time is probably going to be needed for each step;
  • hints on examination technique;
  • insight into how the Examination Committees mark the papers; and
  • lists of other training material and courses.

This collection has been drawn not only from official information sources, but also from the experiences of previous candidates, their tutors and their supervisors. Candidates can benefit from this wealth of experience and avoid common pitfalls.

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