European qualifying examination - Guide for preparation


Cover of the EQE study guide

There are few examinations that require candidates to demonstrate such a wide range of technical, legal and administrative knowledge as the European qualifying examination (EQE). Passing the examination means entering a profession that is challenging and rewarding - and practitioners provide an invaluable service to innovation in Europe. But taking the examination is only the final step of a long and arduous journey.

In addition to official sources, this edition of the guide to preparing for the EQE draws on the experience of past candidates, as well as their tutors and supervisors. Further to the EQE going digital in March 2021, it also features information about the e-EQE and gives candidates a head-start on how to prepare in general by providing:

  • a thorough understanding of the EQE format;
  • tips on the best order in which to tackle the subject matter;
  • an indication of how much time may be required for each step;
  • hints on examination technique;
  • insight into how the Examination Committees mark papers; and
  • lists of other training material and courses.

Please note that the guide does not replace official publications relating to EQE regulations.

Good luck to all candidates preparing for the examination!

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